Freelancing: what does it mean?

The question shouldn’t be what freelancing is, but what criteria it involves. Having a freelancer as the main source can be off-putting for some employers because it can involve waking up early sometime because of time zones. Throughout this article, we will discuss the benefits of freelancers working for employers and the reasons why they might decide to go against it. Whether it’s about freelance jobs or freelancing careers, it’s an article you can gain one or two things from. Also, we will discuss the pros and cons of working as a freelancer.

What is freelancing?


If you’re about to launch your own business or starting your own startup business and wondering how to go hiring a freelancer for your project. We’ll discuss as much as possible to help you make an informed decision. We must first define what freelancers are before we move onto the details. Freelancing, in its most basic sense, is the act of working independently as a self-employed individual. The first requirement to start freelancing is to have a laptop that is functional with a good internet connection.


Those who do not know how to make a portfolio can search UpworkFiverr, or Jointomart for a professional freelancer who can assist them. When you are looking to hire a freelancer for the first time, having a gig who has the most experience working on your project can give you peace of mind, even if they charge more than junior freelancers.


Senior and junior web developers have different levels of experience. But hiring someone new for your project has this specific disadvantage:

  • There is a chance that a new gig will get stuck. And you will end up hiring the experienced one with a higher rate. Then, if they get stuck. You must do the work yourself to avoid spending more money.

What are the skills that you must have as a freelancer?

What are the skills that you must have as a freelancer? People working as self-employed will tell you that time management, determination, and customer service skills are crucial. In freelancing, knowing how much to charge for a fixed-term contract. And saying no to projects that are not suitable to you and your team are particularly important skills.

As you create a profile on a freelancing platform. You can set up how much you want to charge for an hourly rate. And that’s not an issue at all as you can be as flexible as you want to attract clients. When a client contacts you saying they want a fixed price, it can be difficult. If no care is taken, you can end up spending weeks on a project you expected to complete in two weeks.

Consider taking as much time as possible before approving a milestone of a particular project that you are not sure how long time it will take. When in doubt, discuss it with people with more experience on your team. When you know how to charge for pricing, it will not only give you the chance to do the client’s job well, but it will give you a good reputation as someone who finishes the job on time.


What are the jobs you can work as a freelancer? Freelancers can perform a wide range of tasks, such as: providing services remotely without physically attending the location where the work is being performed. You can sign up for any freelance website. The following fields are some of the professions you can work in as a freelancer.


  • Video and animation
  • Programming
  • Writing and Translation
  • Graphics and Design
  • Business and Project Management
  • Music and Audio
  • Digital marketing
  • Photography
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Teaching and Tutoring

A freelancing work is a kind of independent contractor career that can lead to full time employment and success. You should get health insurance as a freelancer to help you if you get ill, since it is a type of work that consumes most of your time. It is possible for long term exposure to working alone indoors can cause depression. So, you must make sure you have a health insurance plan even you do it as a part time, a second job or for a short term.

What makes a successful freelancer?

Working hours of freelancers are usually 24/7 and mostly they work from home. They can work full time as a social media content writer and web designer etc. But in the end, what makes a successful freelancer? Here are the things that matter.

  • Make sure you go the extra mile to please the client when freelancing. Remember that a small job can provide a potential client who is willing to give you the jobs worth thousands of dollars.
  • When deciding whether to work with you, prospective clients will review the feedback of your past clients.
  • A clear communication, patience, and a prompt response to clients’ questions matter to them if they have problems with the work you provide. There are times when clients will find it difficult to understand the code you have written or the plugin you have downloaded if you are a web developer. When you promise unlimited response, you must help them or troubleshoot the errors.
  • Lastly, you must be exceptionally good at what you do as a freelancer. While perfection is a good characteristic, if you provide excellent services consistently, you will always have another client waiting for your services.

Why do you hire a freelancer to work on your project?


If you are working on a small project, a freelancer can be much cheaper and more competitive than a using an agency or a company. As a small business, you might find it advantageous to hire them because they look for opportunities, which means that they can devote more time to your project than a big agency that will charge you excessively for the work they do.

A self-employed individual and freelancers are similar in most ways. Taking responsibility is one thing they have in common. When a business fails or succeeds, the owner takes full responsibility. And if a freelancer fails to meet a milestone target, they can spend several days on the milestone unapproved by their employers. The freelancer who meets a milestone contract receives a positive review, which can lead to the chance to work with more clients. So, if you plan to hire a freelancer as a business owner, be sure to tell them what you want them to accomplish.

You should not overlook the advantages of having a freelancer work on your project. Even if you might think it has its disadvantages. Having a freelancer who provides high quality services can provide you with the best experience.