It is time to learn more about us and our trustworthy platform source for services and jobs. When it comes to selecting the best general services company in the surrounding areas. You want a company that has people coming from different backgrounds with various skills to do a job correctly according to your needs. That is what you can expect when you hire service providers on the jobs Jointomart. That is whether you need to take care of skilled tasks, plumbing, painting, or a job carried out remotely or in person.

about us

Why using the Jobs Jointomart platform?

The Jobs Jointomart venue is the best company to use to complete your tasks. Work completion is guaranteed and priced fairly. More importantly, we have satisfied customers from all over the world. If you are tired of wondering how to complete your tasks then let the freelancers and Taskers on site do the work for you.

Various types of work performed are one of the best things about joining hands with Jointomart. You do not only get a company that has a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also one that is capable of doing a wide variety of different projects. For instance, we have service providers for all kinds of cleaning services. Including outdoors as well as indoor gardening and general repairing. Along with that including services related to home removal or storage. One can hire any certified and insured electrician to meet their requirements.

What is Jobs.jointomart.com all about?

Jobs.jointomart.com is a part of jointomart.com devoted to providing a one-stop platform to fulfill a variety of skilled and unskilled tasks for the world at large. It is an online-based platform that connects service providers with customers who want to use their services locally and internationally.

How do you receive payment?

The most important aspect of working life is getting the right amount of money for your work. At Jointomart, we guarantee that you will get a handsome amount for completing tasks. When you complete the task and request payment, you will receive your money. We transfer your funds to the bank account you have registered with us. Jointomart cuts a service fee and variable transaction fees from your income.

Can you link any other job aspirant to Jointomart?

Those who use our platform can rest assured the company does not recommend service providers based on partiality or because they have paid the Jobs Jointomart to promote their work. You can check Tasker's reviews and feedback to make your decision from other users. The choice is yours. You can make this decision on your own. First, you need to check every single thing on the website. Then after evaluating authentic information, you will come to the point on your own. You will find various job profiles. So, browse all and make an informed decision.

Can I receive money without completing my task?

If you are unable to complete the service you provide to clients on the platform, you will not get money. If you are not qualified for the job, tell the client. You may be rejecting the job due to a lack of health or for personal reasons. Clients are smart, and they will not ask you to do a job you say you can't do. And that is, despite what your profile says, that you are the best person to do it. So, complete the task. And get money.

How do we earn money as a company?

Our company always has transparency in our work. There are no hidden costs. As the company grows, you may see advertisements of the service providers and Taskers using our platform to advertise their visibility promoting their services. Many other factors support Jointomart. For example, clear communication, 24x7 services, and good results. These are the things which enhance our performance. As a result, Jointomart funds it by cutting a 10% service fee. We cut it after completing the job.