We will regularly update this frequently asked questions (FAQs) page to make sure that all relevant questions and answers are available to all users of the Jointomat jobs platform. 

I found someone on Jointomart and would like to hire them for a full-time position. How does the process work?

Follow Jointomart's terms of service when hiring a full-time employee to deal with payments and contracts. If you ignore our guidelines, you may be breaching the Jointomart Terms of Service.

Will the freelancer accept my tools and processes for handling contracts and payments?

As a user, you are advised not to go outside Jointomart's platform for any transaction. This applies if you are an employer looking to hire or recruit talent. Communicating with users and agreeing to transact out of our platform is at your own risk, and we do not take any responsibility.

Do you have a procedure for users who can work in person and others who can work remotely via jointomart?

This platform is for those who can work in person and others who work remotely. Only users who set up profiles for remote jobs on the platform can be seen by everyone on the platform, while those who work locally can be seen by other users in their local areas. When you set your location to London, for example, only users around London looking for plumbing services will see your profile, not everyone around the globe like if you set your location to London as a freelancer.